Company Policies and Procedures:

  • ​PAYMENT TERMS:  50% down payment to start the job, balance due upon completion I accept Visa, Discover, American Express & Master Card.  I accept checks with a $35.00 processing fee on all returned checks.
  • WORK ORDER AND CHANGES:  All work orders and/or changes must be in writing on Astartes Drapery Workroom order forms.  This will improve communication and reduce errors.  By completing all information on the work order forms, it greatly reduces the need for me to call you with questions which can delay your job.  We will make a copy of the work order for your records.  Please attach a swatch of the fabric and/or trims whenever possible if you are sending the fabric/trims directly to us.  Staple these to the work order with the face up and the direction marked.
  • Astartes Drapery Workroom will not be held responsible for orders or changes not confirmed in writing.
  • Because names of treatments vary from workroom to workroom and from one part of the country to another, please include a sketch, photo or magazine picture with your project.
  • LEAD TIMES:  Lead time is typically 4-6 weeks and begins when a 50% down payment, a completed work order and ALL materials necessary to complete a job are received.  Lead times are subject to change at any time with upcoming holidays, large jobs, backorders and fabric flaws which may lengthen the time it takes to fabricate.
  • For Designers & Decorators:  Please always call before promising a completion or installation date to your client.
  •  SCHEDULING ORDERS:  All orders are completed on a first come, first serve basis.  Orders will be added to the schedule when a completed work order, including your 50% down payment and ALL materials necessary to fabricate the treatment are received.  Until this is done, a completion date cannot be guaranteed.
  • RUSH ORDERS:  Rush orders, or jobs taken out of order, will be available on an "as possible" basis and will only be completed after receipt of your 50% down payment and ALL necessary materials and completed work order.  This option may not be available during the holidays.  Please check with the workroom for the current lead times and job schedule before sending rush orders.
  • Rush orders will incur a 30% up-charge and is not negotiable.
  • HOLIDAY CUT-OFFS:  Typical holiday cut-off dates are:  Thanksgiving - October 1st, Christmas - November 1st, however these are subject to change due to the amount of orders in the workroom.  Designers & Decorators:  Please check with the workroom for current holiday cut-off dates and before promising a completion or installation date to your client.
  • ORDER CANCELLATIONS:  If you wish to cancel an order, you will be charged for supplies ordered and/or used and for labor already completed.  You will have 3 days to cancel the order without charges being applied, after that charges will be incurred.
  • WINDOW TREATMENT PROPORTIONS:  Please be aware that a treatment may turn out to look different from the photograph or drawing sent if the proportions of your client's windows are different from the windows in the photograph or drawing.  For that reason, we always suggest drawing treatments to scale before sending your work orders.  If the same treatment is being made for multiple windows of various sizes, the treatments' design or proportions may need to be altered to appear uniform or harmonious from one window to the next.
  • DROP-SHIPMENTS:  If you are drop-shipping merchandise, please have the vendor company mark it with your company name and your customer's name.  Instruct the fabric company to send you a swatch for your approval, and indicate fabric details on your work order.  Astartes Drapery Workroom shall not be held responsible for treatments made from incorrectly drop-shipped or miss-labeled fabric.  Astartes Drapery Workroom will do a double check with the client to ensure the fabric is correct.
  • All fabrics should be rolled on tubes.  If the fabric is flat-folded, there may be an additional $20.00 charge for pressing.  I cannot guarantee removal of all creases.
  • FABRIC INSPECTION, USE AND FLAWS:  In my attempt to create the highest quality product, I will inspect every fabric for flaws, and you will be notified if there are flaws present.  What you intend to do at that time will need to be in writing and given to the workroom immediately.  I will not cut flawed fabric without written permission from the client.
  • If you have questions about how a fabric will work for a specific treatment, please send a swatch with a picture or drawing and specifications for the proposed treatment.  I will be happy to assist you with your choices.  However, if you are using a Designer or Decorator, it is ultimately the their responsibility to choose fabrics suitable for the treatments being fabricated from them.
  • No fabric is completely stable.  All fabrics stretch and shrink due to yarn content, weather, humidity, and construction.  Loose, open weaves and stretchy fabrics are particularly susceptible to changes in length.  Astartes Drapery Workroom shall not be held responsible for length changes due to the above fabrics.
  • ​All fabrics wear differently depending on the amount and type of usage, exposure to sunlight, moisture, humidity or dirt, and cleaning and pressing methods used.  Astartes Drapery Workroom shall not be held responisble for how a fabric wears now or in the future.
  • An extra 25% will be added for fabrics requiring additional steps or special handling in fabrication.  Examples of fabrics requiring an up-charge are velvet, linen, quilted fabrics, lace and crewel.  If you are in doubt about your fabric, please send a swatch along with specifications for the proposed treatment.
  • If you choose to use SHEETS for your window treatment, there will be an additional charge of $15.00 per SHEET used to fabricate.
  • Lining is suggested to protect your clients' fine fabrics.  Lining is not included in the labor price.  Please indicate on the work order the type and color of lining and whether you are furnishing it or using our stock lining.  Please also specify interlining if needed.
  • ALTERATIONS AND REMAKES:  Items sent for alterations or remakes must be cleaned first.  Astartes Drapery Workroom shall not be held responsible for existing damage or fading, and cannot guarantee removal of creases or stitch marks.  New lining must be used for remakes.
  • YARDAGE CALCULATION:  Please call for assistance if you are unsure about calculating yardage.  I can provide you with charts and formulas to assist you in your calculations.  When computing yardage, remember to allow for pattern repeats and centering of pattern motifs when necessary.  We recommend ordering 1 to 2 extra pattern repeats per width.
  • If there is insufficient yardage, there will be a minimum charge of $20.00 for unrolling, inspecting, re-rolling and refiguring insufficient yardage.   I will not change my standard method of fabrication or use methods which are more time-consuming.  The client will be notified and requested to correct this issue and the lead time will be re-enacted once the client has done so.
  • PARTIAL WIDTHS:  Please round up to full widths when pricing products.  All partial widths are charged as whole widths.  Widths are figured by the panel.  Example:  A three width pair of draperies is billed as four widths or two widths per panel.  Example:  A 1 1/2 width panel is billed as two widths.
  • ORIGINAL OR UNUSUAL TREATMENTS:  We will be happy to fabricate treatments not shown in the price list.  Please submit photos or drawings with dimensions along with fabric swatches.
  • ​Mock-ups can be fabricated if necessary at a minimal cost of $75.00 per hour.
  • SHIPPING CHARGES:  Delivery and pickup are your responsibility.  Upon request, we will deliver/pick up to you for a $50.00 fee plus $.56 cents per mile.
  • If I am shipping to you, the cost of shipping & handling will be added to your order.  Oversized items may need to be shipped freight at an additional cost.  
  • ​PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS:  Due to the custom nature of this industry, prices and standard specifications are subject to change without notice.  Unforseen problems, such as difficult fabrics, may necessitate an extra cost.  The client will be notified of this prior to fabrication.
  • ​ESTIMATES:  Estimates are good for 60 days based on the measurements given not being different from the time they are placed on the actual order form.  Estimates are subject to change once we have the fabric, final measurements and completed work order in the workroom.
  • STORAGE:  Astartes Drapery Workroom is not responsible for fabrics left in the shop over 30 days.  If you want leftovers returned to you or your client, ​please specify on your work order.

Measuring and Consultation:

  • Free consultations at the workroom in the planning stages of your project
  • Free trips to the site for consultation, obtain accurate measurements and evaluate architectural features that may affect fabrication or installation


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Guarantee:  Astartes Drapery Workroom guarantees its work for 30 days from the invoice date.  Please inspect treatments upon receipt and before installation to assure proper sizes and correct fabric.  Astartes Drapery Workroom shall not be held responsible for charges to reinstall treatments.  We reserve the right to correct any problems with an order and will do so immediately.  Designer errors will be reworked as soon as possible at their expense.  Additional costs will be added for:  pressing, and/or refolding treatments that are not returned to the workroom in the same condition as they left. These are the Astartes Drapery Workroom policies and procedures and/or financial policies and procedures. 

Astartes Drapery Workroom Policies And Procedures

Astartes Drapery Workroom is:

  • a custom drapery workroom in the Columbus area that provides quality craftsmanship in the fabrication of draperies, curtains, swags, cascades, jabots, fabric shades, valances, headboards, bedding accessories, seat cushions, cornices, lambrequins, table covers & much more
  • a custom drapery workroom that has been perfecting the art of designing and fabricating custom window coverings for over 20 years with the knowledge and experience that can take your design from concept to completion
  • a custom drapery workroom that welcomes clients from all over the United States and will ship within these contiguous United States
  • a uniquely owned and operated business that got its' start in 1978 in Dallas, Texas, and has worked with designers, decorators, and residential customers in the design and fabric selection of custom window treatments

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Business Hours:  Eastern Standard Time  ​Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday - By Appointment Only

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  • How long do I have to wait to get my draperies?  I have a 4 - 6 week delivery time unless near holidays or workroom is overbooked.  If I am overbooked, I will let you know at the time you place your order.
  • May I have my order shipped to my residence?  ​I will ship anywhere in the contiquous United States.
  • Do you have a variety of fabrics to choose from on site?  Yes, I have several sample books from different suppliers, but the fabric would have to be ordered. 
  • Do you carry lining, and if so, what types?  Yes, I offer different types of lining to protect the fine fabric that you will order.  They are 100% Cotton, Sateen, Thermal, Blackout, and we also have interlining available to make the flow of the fabric smoother.  These are a separate charge and are not included in with the fabrication labor charges.
  • Do you have the hardware to install the different types of window treatments?  Yes, I offer hardware from Kirsch, Select Drapery Hardware Collection, Paris Texas Hardware, House Parts Decorative Drapery Hardware, The Finial Company and Williamson's.  These are separate charges and are not included in with the fabrication labor charges.

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